Creative Marketing Strategies You Need to Try

How are your marketing campaigns coming along? Are they effective and delivering the outcomes you desire?

No matter how effective your current efforts are, a new, creative marketing plan can occasionally help to spice things up. You may re-engage your audience in fresh and interesting ways, or even create entirely new ways to interact with new members of your audience.

Contribute to Expert Roundups

Aside from content marketing and guest posting, acting as a source for other people’s publications is a smart move. It immediately identifies you as an expert because someone else considered you important enough to seek advice on. Even better, instead of writing and pitching the story elsewhere, you only have to supply a quick quote.

If someone asks you for a quote for an expert roundup or an article they’re producing, answer “yes” if it will benefit your company. You can occasionally uncover public requests on Twitter or LinkedIn and call out to see if you can assist.

You can also sign up for services like HARO, which will notify you when journalists are looking for sources for their articles. Sign up as an expert source for the category or categories in which your company operates, then review the emails for articles that you might be interested in.

Create a Facebook Group for Your Clients

Starting a Facebook Group for your customers is a terrific approach to effectively establishing a community, as opposed to simply competing for the most followers on social media.

A growing number of businesses are launching their own Facebook Groups. These are customer-focused groups that may or may not require members to be active customers.

They provide value and, in many circumstances, access to insider information, field-trained experts, and customer service professionals who can assist you swiftly and directly.

Customers can ask specific questions about operating their ad campaigns in groups at many marketing agencies, and one of the skilled team members will respond. Other members can participate and benefit from the talks by reading them.

Meal delivery services may form groups focused on overall health, while a furniture company could form a design and décor group. You’ll be fine as long as you’re providing value to the community rather than just marketing your product over and over.

Be of Assistance

Offering value is always a good idea, and you can come up with new and creative ways to do it. Although content marketing is commonly used for this, you can also share the content—including video content—on other channels.

Consider video lessons on how to use your product, infographics on what to avoid from the customer’s perspective, or blog pieces that keep customers up to date on industry news. When you’re not attempting to make a quick buck, you’re providing value, which builds trust and improves relationships. And, ironically, this frequently leads to increased sales.

Use Video to Make a Strong First Impression

Promotional video

Video marketing is sometimes disregarded because it is perceived to be too costly or frightening, but this is a mistake. It’s a wonderful medium for expressing a brand’s narrative in a rapid, digestible fashion, allowing you to build an emotional connection with your audience.

Videos, by their very nature, can convey a lot of information fast and dynamically. Much more successfully than blocks of text, this keeps users interested and demands their attention.

Videos may be used to illustrate everything from how to use a product to what happens behind the scenes, and they can do it successfully. My favorite way to use video marketing is to make explainer movies or brand story videos to immediately entice new users and keep them engaged in a memorable way. If you are new to video and need some help, you can always enlist the help of a creative studio in Dublin or anywhere else in the country.

Collaborate With Others

Influencers aren’t the only ones with accounts that can help you connect with the right individuals. Collaboration with other firms can be quite beneficial, especially when the two businesses are complementary in some way.

If another company has a similar target demographic to yours, reach out to them to see if there’s a way to work together. You could organize a social contest with a shared reward that each of you contributes to, or you could organize a joint event. You can simply share content and promote each other.

This is especially effective for local firms, since core audiences are easily shared and loyal to businesses with which they are familiar. Having their blessing can go a long way, and you’ll both gain from it.

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Organize a Challenge

Business competition

Challenges are one of the most effective and underutilized ways to foster community while also increasing social engagement (and potentially sales).

Host a brand-related branded challenge on your website, in-store, or on social media. “Complete our 14-day yoga challenge” or “publish a blog article once a day for three weeks” are two examples. The idea is that it encourages people to improve at the skill they’re studying while also engaging with your business on a regular basis.

Use your website, social media, and email campaigns to promote your challenge. You can specify that a particular purchase is required, or you can make it available to all customers. Encourage users to celebrate their victories along the way, and post daily or weekly check-ins to see how they’re doing. This will generate a lot of interest, as well as sales and brand loyalty.

Design Your Own Reward Schemes

Whether you’re putting together an official affiliate network or a client referral program, these incentives can help you recruit interested participants to help you advertise your brand. There are a lot of strong incentives in these programs, which generally include cash for affiliates and credits, discounts, or free products for customers who suggest people to the firm.

To make things easier, make sure all reward programs have clear terms and use software to keep track of them.

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