How to Promote a Nonprofit Organization

Nonprofit organizations are often more difficult to promote than a business, since most markets are mostly business-oriented, and are not designed to accommodate a nonprofit in the same manner. However, your marketing efforts don’t need to focus on gaining more visitors or attracting more customers like businesses do. In fact, good marketing can immensely help a nonprofit in improving its visibility and gaining more traction, thus getting its story across and attracting more donations and more engagement.

Nonprofits are champions of worthy causes, and as such they deserve our support. This is often not the case without some clever marketing. The general public needs to be aware of the cause’s existence and worth, and the need for support. Nonprofits need to build a strong presence in the online community, and take on the same approach most profit-driving businesses have. That is to say, they need to target people who will likely be willing to fight for their cause. Here are some of the ways to achieve that:

Using the power of social media

social media

Social media is being used all the time by businesses looking to promote their own products and services, and nonprofits can use these came channels for their own promotion. Being active on all different social media hubs, from Facebook and Twitter to YouTube, you will get in direct contact with huge audiences who are often ready to listen, if you know how to speak to them. This is why crafting the right message and using the right tone to promote it is of the utmost importance.

You should also create quality content that will help your supporters understand your message better, and get to know more about your organization. You can also try to use the power of influencers to help you spread the word among their own following. However, you are not looking for people who have the most followers, you are looking for people who share in your cause and whose audience will most likely want to participate in your campaigns.

Create a website

Create a website

If you want to leverage the full power of the online world, you also need to have a website, where your supporters can gather and get all the latest news and updates. It needs to house all the information about the cause, whom to ask questions from, how they can help and who are the key people involved in the effort. You also need to make sure that you clearly state how others can contribute, and make it easy for them to do so.

You also need to make sure the website performs well, has a responsive design and that it utilizes all the power of SEO to get your message in front of as many eyes as possible.

Take your message offline

Another important point to remember is that you also need to promote your nonprofit offline. You can turn to Printroom to help you create promotional materials, which you will later hand out at strategic events. You can go for places with the highest foot traffic too, but you will have more success if you try to find the best audiences to talk to. Like you would do online, find the places where your most likely supporters gather, and go talk to them there. Don’t try to force them into participating, just get your message across, and let it resonate with them.

Demonstrate your success

Every time you reach a certain milestone, you need to make sure you showcase it and let your supporters know how far you have gotten. Make sure you also always give a shout out to all the people who have helped you, as well as other organizations that have played a part in your success. Once others see tangible results, they will be more likely to come and join your efforts.

Demonstrate your success

Promoting a nonprofit may seem a daunting task, especially as you have nothing to give back to your supporters, not in the sense regular businesses do. However, with the power of online marketing, you can reach people all over the world, and get them to join in your efforts. Make sure you always update your supporters about the progress of your efforts and how your mission is going. Remember to always keep things transparent, and never try to cajole anyone into participation. Your cause is worthy enough, and people will come to support you.  

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