What does a DMC company do?

In case you were wondering, DMC is short for destination management company, and it is a third-party company that provides the professional service of planning, setting up and ultimately carrying out various out-of-town events, programs and services.

For example, if you are looking to host a conference in a different town or country, or in fact if you are planning any kinds of events outside your own town, hiring a destination management company is the way to go. Trying to organize such an event yourself would be much harder, and the results would probably not be as great.

The main advantage of a destination management company is the fact that they are familiar with the local area and they already have established relationships with many local vendors, and they are better versed in the local offer of accommodation, conference halls, catering, transportation, and so on. They also have a better chance of getting a better deal, another part of the home team advantage.

Hiring a DMC is a great way to manage corporate events and plan meetings – they can in fact coordinate the entire event, and you can only be tasked with making the decisions.

If you are planning to host an event in Prague, then Prague Eventery is the perfect DMC choice – they can help your event go smoothly and without a glitch, and have everyone leave with a smile on their face and happy to have had the experience.

Who should hire a DMC?

Even if you are an event planner, you might look to hire a DMC if you are working outside your own area. Even if it is just to help you out, the benefits are numerous. They will know better caterers, can recommend the very best hotels and all the other facilities needed for the event, and they can help you stay within your desired budget. They will also understand the cultural norms and know when a vendor is trying to hustle you and when they are simply demanding too much for their services, and can help you find better deals. They will also know the best staff to work with, and whom to stay clear of – all of this is knowledge you cannot hope to match, and are better off using it.

If you are simply looking for a company to organize an event for you, it is always a better idea to go for the local guys, than someone in your area. Again, they can simply help you out in more ways than you can imagine.

What does a DMC do exactly?

A DMC, with their extensive local knowledge, will be able to help you out with all the local coordination and planning, and implement the program and all the logistics involved as well. All the activities regarding the event can be left to them.

There are different types of services they offer, and not every DMC will offer the same services, but here is a short rundown of what you can expect:

Help with designing a program – this includes venue selection and the actual booking, organization of all the activities involved in the event, as well as the decoration at the location, if you need it.

Managing logistics – including the timeline and scheduling for the event itself, transportation to and from the venue, as well as coordinating the entire event, the arrival of the attendees, their departure, and anything else needed on scene.

Managing supplies – this includes helping you select and recommending a vendor, negotiating the prices, and arranging all the details with them.

Taking care of the accounting – this will typically include going over and paying all the vendor invoices, financial negotiations, and providing detailed accounts and reports for you to check.

A DMC can help you, either as an event planner or a business, coordinate the transportation, the accommodation, all the meals and local activities if you need them. If you are looking to see more of a particular city or area, they can arrange excursions, sightseeing tours, guided tours, and so on – basically whatever you agree on and decide your event should include.

The types of events DMCs plan can be anything from a small conference, to a business meeting, to a fundraiser or a gala dinner – any event your company is in need of, and would like to take place at a specific location.

The DMC basically serves as your local guide and point of contact – they will be happy to help out with any and all arrangements, and it is much easier to communicate with just one company, than a bunch of different ones. They can also provide translation services, if you are going to a country where you don’t speak the language, or if any of your guests need help with communication.

Hiring a destination management company

When you are looking to hire a DMC, the same rules apply as to hiring any other company – go for the one recommended by someone who has already done business with them in the past, check out their online portfolio, and go from there. You can check out business listings or DMC directories, and you can also simply search the web for a DMC in the area you are interested in.

Make sure you talk to the people working there before you decide to hire one, and see how well you would work together. Don’t forget to provide as many details as you can about the event you are looking to organize, as it will help them do their best and get you what you were looking for. If you are not happy with one of their choices, let them know on time. After all, it is your event, and you are the one who should be making the important decisions regarding location and scheduling, if you want to do so.

We wish you luck with hiring your DMC, and we hope the event you are planning goes without a hitch, and is just another successful day for your company!

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